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Peter Pan Bistro treads the line between Queen Street’s past and a digital future

Andrew Seale | November 23, 2016

 Peter Pan Bistro treads the line between Queen Street’s past and a digital future Chef Noah Goldberg managed to clinch one of his dream spots for a restaurant, re-establishing the decades old establishment Peter Pan bistro in the heart of Queen West. Now his greatest challenge is preserving the past while embracing the future.


When Noah Goldberg returned overseas from his understudy in the renowned London kitchens of Wild Honey and St. John he had a shortlist of Toronto spaces in mind. Peter Pan bistro at the corner of Peter and Queen sat near the top.


“There are three or four spaces I dreamt about when I was moving back and was like if I could ever grab one of those locations...” says Chef Noah Goldberg. 


“You can’t get rooms like this in Toronto, it needed to be preserved,” says the entrepreneur pointing out all the original elements – the tin ceiling, the moulding, the bar top, the bar back – all of it heirlooms to the days when this section of the city was, quite literally, Toronto. “It’s basically got a 2016 body with an 1890 shell.”

It’s been a two and a half years since Noah took over the space and a year and a half since Peter Pan Bistro was officially “re-established”– the apex of the chef’s 12 year career that has taken him from the kitchens of Susur
Lee in Toronto to working under Chef Daniel Boulud in New York and across the Atlantic to the U.K. 


But while Toronto’s foodie environment begs certain forgetfulness amongst diners, a constantly mutating form with new eateries spiking out haphazardly in all neighbourhoods, Noah wanted something rooted in history.

Peter Pan Bistro has proved to be the perfect conduit, but Noah doesn’t plan on standing still.


“I think restaurants are living things, I think it’s hard to start with a restaurant in its natural form and make it profitable, it’s a lot of adjusting and working,” he admits. “ think that I completely underestimated the digital end of that – just the kinds of hats I would wear in here...that was sort of neglected.”


He points out that while the digital side has proved to be a lot of work, it’s a critical component of the business. 


“It’s a job that needs to be taken seriously, it’s not just a sub-job for someone to do and jump on, it has to be a choreographed thing,” says Noah.


While the backend transactional side is still a mix of paperwork and cloud services, he’s focused his efforts on the frontend digital components using YP Dine, the Yellow Pages-run infrastructure – to host the website and keep the online elements in check. It also helps them keep the online menu consistent with what they’re offering. They have used loyalty programs in the past through Bookenda but the system is being updated by YP currently. The website is plugged into Google Analytics to get an idea of how visitors are finding and using the site.


But it’s social media that has proven to be one of the restaurant’s greatest digital assets.


“When I did my pop up and I talked about the idea of opening a restaurant for six months on the second floor of a bar with no storefront,” he says. “50 years ago people only knew you by walking by your store looking in your window and figuring out who you were –now you can be cooking out of a backyard fire pit or wherever you want to be and still get your voice out to a targeted group of people that are going to want to come.”


And it’s through this digital lens that Noah is able to preserve the past while still looking forward.


“I think it’s important to have a clear strategy when you’re starting and understanding the brand you want to project and what you want people to see and be targeted towards that and organized, ” he says. “It’s not a very difficult thing to execute, it’s just a matter of staying on brand and understanding what you’re try to do.”


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West Queen West Launches Toronto’s First Neighbourhood e-Gift Card

West Queen West BIA | November 8, 2016

Toronto, ON — One of Toronto’s trendiest shopping destinations, West Queen West (WQW) between Bathurst and Gladstone, is set to launch Toronto’s first Neighbourhood e-Gift Card program on November 2nd. The WQW e-Gift Card provides shoppers with a more local alternative rather than a mall gift card or big box chains. 

How it works: shoppers can purchase an e-gift card from the WQW website and send it by email, text, or Facebook Message. The gift card is redeemable at a variety of local WQW restaurants, cafes, spas, salons, retailers, and specialty shops. 

Some of the places you can use The WQW e-Gift Card include Downward Dog Yoga Centre, Gladstone Hotel, Jacob and Sebastian, Mini Mioche, Morba, Smoque N' Bones and many other local favorites. A full list of participating businesses can be found on the WQW website and can also be spotted with a WQW e-Gift Card sticker in their window.

The WQW Gift Card program was created in partnership between Toronto startup AnyCard, the WQW BIA, and local businesses. When asked about this exciting initiative, Chad Molleken, Co-Founder and CEO of AnyCard, stated, “We want to be a champion for local businesses by providing them with innovative ways to compete with the big guys. A neighbourhood gift card is one of the ways we do that.”

Rob Sysak, Executive Director of the WQW BIA, noted, "We are really excited to be the first neighbourhood in Toronto to have our own e-Gift Card. WQW knows that for us to continue to be successful, WQW needs to act like big business, and digital technologies like the e-Gift Card will make that happen. Big thank you to AnyCard!"

To help kick off the program, the WQW BIA will be giving away a $100 WQW Gift Card every Friday until mid-December and one grand prize of a $1000 shopping spree before Christmas. To learn more about the WQW contests and to enter for your chance to win please visit


Contact Us


Rob Sysak

Executive Director, WQW BIA

(416) 820-2727


Emily Mitchell

Marketing Manager, AnyCard

1 (888) 367-8448


Here is a preview of the first 60 WQW e-Gift Card participating businesses with many more to come.

Bang Fitness

Ben Sherman

BLVD Interiors

Brass Vixens


Cadillac Jenkins

Canon Blanc


Chippy's Fish and Chips

Collab Collections

Cutler+ Gross

Cycle Motive

Dat Salon

Deluxe Boutique

Downward Dog Yoga Centre

Dufflet Pastries


Fashionably Yours

Fidel Gastro

Fresh Collective

Giant Toronto

Gladstone Cafe

Gladstone Hotel

Good Hearts

Greek & Co

H Bar

Hayley Elsaesser

Iceman Video Games

Jacob and Sebastian

Kol Kid


La Hacienda Restaurant

Layover Boutique

Lisa Marie

MagPie Design


Mini Mioche


Niche Coffee + Tea Company

Old Penguin

Park And Province

Parlour Salon

Pink Optical

Platinum Health

Pure Barre

R Squared Cafe


Rickshaw Bar

Smile White

Smoque N' Bones

Street Shak Caribbean Kitchen

Stuart Jackson Gallery

The County General

The Cure Apothecary

The Spice Trader & Olive Pit

TOMA Burger Addiction


Visual Eyes Optical



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