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Find A Venue is Toronto's premier sales lead generator for booking group business. Over 3000 users per day use our portal to find unique spaces for professional events including restaurants, cafes, libraries, galleries, museums, retail space, yoga studios, gyms, warehouses, arenas, banquet halls, nightclubs, wineries, barns, boats and many more. FAV utilizes various advertising platforms to bring in new business to your business and remains as Toronto's top space rental site.

Years in business:
6 - 15
Head office located:
Toronto, Canada
Sponsored / hosted:
December Array
OTHER: Toronto Bridal Show
December Array
OTHER: Canada's Bridal Show
Testimonials: has directed over an average of 15 leads per month to my event venue. The difference truly lies in the quality of leads I get - with date of events, number of people, event requirements and all decisions already pre-decided making our sales
Carlo Garisto
In a few short months I have received all kinds of response for bookings and specifically corporate bookings from I can tell these guys really care about me and my business.
Joe DiNardo

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