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Careerleaf builds and markets SaaS solutions for online recruiting, job search, and job boards for entrepreneurs, professional associations, and recruiting companies. Our mission is to transform the painful — and often dehumanizing — experience of looking for work, looking for talent, and administering job boards into a refreshingly positive experience. We support our customers with marketing and business resources to get the most out of their technology and to generate revenue.

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5 or less
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SomeCity, Some Province
"It was time someone came up with some streamlined ATS functionalities and lean, user engaging visuals assuring fast user adoption... on both sides of the job board!"
Blackriver Partners
"Careerleaf is a great portal for managing your job hunt."
Amber De Angelis, Boston Public Library
"What we liked: The Tracklet ™ tool will automatically fill in certain job applications. What we didn’t like: Nothing"
Stephanie Miles, APPvita

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Careerleaf Job Board Software

A SaaS technology for job search, job posting, applicant tracking, candidate search, eCommerce and website management.


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