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As a strategic,creative collaborator and Digital Marketer, I love experimenting with new ideas and technology with the goal of enhancing my clients' marketing outreach results.My team, all virtual creatives like me,helps clients with great design, effective google search results,and productive social marketing campaigns. That's why,as a virtual team,we get the job done on time, on target,and on budget! Ready to take your marketing to an unprecedented level? Give us a try, you'll be pleased!

Years in business:
5 or less
Head office located:
Toronto, Canada
Sponsored / hosted:
April 2007
fund-raisi: The Garden Party
""Facetime Presentations does wonderful digital marketing and social media work that is very precise and on time ". Leonard McAuley - Owner - Pollocks Home Hardware http://www.pollockshomehardware.ca " We are tickled pink with the campaign's performance" "
Len McAuley

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Development of a 3 to 5 page website that is optimized for search with flexibility to easily add additional pages, includes Google Analytics and a Google My Business map locator.


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