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The restaurant industry is being revolutionized by mobile technology - Ritual arms restaurants/coffee shops with bleeding edge mobile order and loyalty technology similar to what the largest chains in the world are implementing to help them optimize and grown their businesses. With 500+ of the best restaurants and cafes in Toronto, your favourite latte and the best burger in town are both just a tap away.

Years in business:
5 or less
Head office located:
SomeCity, Some Province
Sponsored / hosted:
October 2015
Host of: Boobyball
""Beyond the cost of building our own app, the main reason we’ve partnered with Ritual is that no one wants 10 different restaurant apps on their phone. With Ritual, all the local favourites are available in one-stop making the customers’ lives simpler. It"
Mustafa Yusuf, Owner of Big Smoke Burger + Flock Rotisserie
""Having ritual has increased my store's efficiency and improved operations. The concept is simple and my staff enjoy the experience of interacting with our Ritual customers on a more personal level. Happy customers leads to more sales!""
Pat Belsito, Owner of Fusaro's
""As a local independent coffee shop, we were thrilled to introduce the technology long before the large national chains. We've been in partnership with Ritual for the last year, and have leveraged the technology to offer a unique personalized experience a"
Patrick Tu, Owner of Thor Espresso Bar

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