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The product is a Digital Signage software. It is a plug and play device, no bigger than the average wallet, that can plug into any display or TV. The content that plays is decided and controlled by you. Each box is connected to a login and password for our platform. On the platform you can create loops of videos and pictures to display on the screen. The software is built so anyone who can use a common computer can use it. No I.T. experience needed, Digital Signage belongs as a marketing tool.

Years in business:
5 or less
Head office located:
Toronto, Canada
"Met Eric through a recommendation and his service is fantastic. The ease of use on the back end of the device including uploading pictures and video was exactly what we were looking for."
Justin Butler
"We love the drag and drop functionality - We have found it really easy to continually edit our content. By using Screenfluence we have found that our digital signs are now more that just a novelty; they are a central part of our communication strategy. We"
Gus Khouri
"The software helps optimize customers by allowing you to showcase your amazing digital content in a visual display. The software creates a passage for visual engagement which is proven to be more effective that any other type of display."
Dan O' Brien

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Digital Display will attract walk-by customers and possible patrons to take notice of the fantastic display. Loops of menus, signature dishes, amazing offers and daily deals can attract new customers.


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