Vicinity Rewards


Turn occasional customers into regulars with Vicinity Rewards, a loyalty program designed specifically for small businesses.

Years in business:
5 or less
Head office located:
Toronto, Canada
Vicinity has made us re-think our marketing budget. Instead of going mass marketing to get new customers we can now allocate more towards targeted campaigns.
Healthy Planet
Thanks to the Vicinity platform we have our own customer data that shows us spending and actionable analytics helping us create effective promotions. I can now focus on growing my customer base, instead of managing coupon distribution
Wild Flour Artisan Bakery
We have tried other loyalty rewards platforms in the past and Vicinity is by far the best. Our customers also prefer the Vicinity program and love that they can use the same card at all of our locations, as well as at other Vicinity merchants.
Hanh Wellness Spa & Salon

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Vicinity Rewards Loyalty Program

Turn occasional customers into regulars


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