5 great tools to move your small business functions online

by Rogers Rogers   |   May 17, 2017   |   Share this :  

You know the internet can save you time and money. But according to a recent study by GoDaddy, most small businesses are overlooking some of its potential. Are you?

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While you may already use online tools to host a website or engage in social media marketing, you could be benefitting even more. For example, if you have a fast and reliable internet service you can automate and streamline accounting, HR and payroll processes by moving them online.

Here are 5 useful online tools and apps that, combined with a robust internet service to ensure their best performance, could help you run your small business:

Online accounting software programs like FreshBooks, Xero, Zoho Books and FinancialForce Accounting make calculating revenue easier and more accurate, and ensure payroll needs are met. 52% of users saw a decrease in financial errors when making the switch1 to online accounting.

Small business benefits:

  • User-friendly software
  • Secure, accurate and cost efficient
  • Increases productivity

Businesses that adopted software like iKrut, JobScore, Qandidate.com or SmartRecruiters to move HR processes online saw a 33% higher operating income growth, primarily through the time-saving benefits of the software. 2 What’s more, many of these software options are extremely affordable.

Small business benefits:

  • Simplify job postings, application responses and follow-ups3
  • Share up-to-date information on policies and processes easily
  • Improve training capabilities

Staff scheduling is time consuming and can be a headache for small businesses. But there’s a tool for that! Online employee scheduling software like Shiftboard and Celayix helps with flexible scheduling, time and attendance tracking.

Small business benefits:

  • Manage your team, eliminate overtime and double-booking and improve communication
  • Accommodate PTO requests, swap shifts and instantly find qualified subs at the last minute
  • Help reduce no-shows4 with automated shift alerts

Productivity is critical to small business success. The key is getting and staying organized. Luckily, getting organized and on the playing field with larger companies can be as simple as downloading a few apps online for the same tools and resources they use.5

Small business benefits:

  • Integrate multiple platforms and devices. Apps like Microsoft Office 365, G Suite by Google Cloud and Evernote, for example, instantly share content and notes to all devices connected
  • Ensure a smooth flow of information between workers with file sharing apps like Dropbox
  • Stay aware of project status and next steps. Create an endless number of task lists with apps like Asana and share them with your whole team

The main objective of 42% of small business owners is to have an online sales presence. 6 However, implementing ecommerce can be complex. Thankfully, there are plenty of ecommerce solutions out there that can help your business. The primary solution, of course, is a strong, fast internet connection. Other tools, like Shopify or GoDaddy, cost as little as $30 and $40 month respectively and can help you increase your online sales presence.

Small business benefits:

  • Manage ecommerce security issues and save on implementation costs
  • Discover how your customers are finding you online with SEO features and advanced analytics. Many tools also help create discount codes and custom gift cards while providing social network integration, targeted email marketing, store statistics and coupon capabilities
  • Save on costs. Ecommerce tools are cheaper than outsourcing to an agency or building a website with its own ecommerce ecosystem

With a fast and robust internet service you could take advantage of moving business functions online. We hope this list has given you some new ideas and demonstrated the benefits to your business.


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