Page One Café and Bar

by Avatar DigitalMainStreetAdmin   |   December 18, 2016   |   Share this:  

In this case study, we reveal the incredible results of a Turnstyle powered email marketing campaign from an independent café and bar.

Page One is a café and cocktail bar located in the heart of downtown Toronto and steps away from the local university campus.

While the guest Wi-Fi offered by Page One did a good job at attracting customers looking for internet access, they wanted to get more value out of it.

Page One Cafe and Bar Case Study Campaign Message

Page One decided to implement Turnstyle’s Wi-Fi marketing platform, which allowed them to easily gather customer data such as age and gender information, effortlessly build an email marketing list and automate email campaigns to get their customers to visit more frequently.

Wanting to inform customers about their upcoming game night, they created a real time Turnstyle campaign. The email marketing campaign instantaneously emailed customers as soon as they entered the venue and was a huge success.

See the campaign results and the impact on Page One’s business by downloading the case study:

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