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Get Up & Running on Shopify | Done For You Website Build

If you're done with DIY or just don't have the time let me take the reins and build your brand the perfect online space on Shopify. Your dream customers will love it even more!

Let’s get building!

If you’re ready to get your business up and running on Shopify, with the right foundation for continued growth and success, our basic setup is a great place to begin.

We take Shopify approved (and taught) methods, the latest platform changes and future innovations, and our years of experience creating client-first user experiences, to build a website that not only represents your brand beautifully but speaks to your ideal client and has them succeed in purchasing from you easily and effectively. (And raving to their friends about it!)

Please note: This service is for a built from scratch website, not an already-built Shopify website. If you already have a website and would like to have it updated, modernized or refreshed to better suit your business brand and speak to your ideal clients, please check out our Beautify It Website Package | Refresh

If you’re someone who has wanted to switch to Shopify from another platform (WordPress, Wix, Etsy, etc.) or just get started, please see below what this package includes. 

What You’ll Get & Why

The Setup of a Professional Theme – This includes using the brand colours and accents of your brand to create an aesthetic that appeals to visitors but, more importantly, has your ideal client relate immediately with your products. Using your photos, imagery and branding materials we will create a cohesive look throughout your website from header to footer, page to page. We do recommend paid themes and will suggest themes for you based on who your ideal client is, what their values, interests and buying habits are. Paid themes are a separate cost, paid directly to Shopify.

The 5 Most Important Pages – We know that a strong About us page and easily accessible Contact Us page are required for all websites. It creates trust with your visitors and shows them that you are available should they have any questions. We include this setup in all builds. Your About page will be pulled from Etsy or another source if you don’t have one written. However, we strongly recommend creating new content for your website to help with SEO.

On-Site SEO – We include the optimization of Collection Pages, Pages and your Homepage images and copywriting for Google search. This includes creating the website Title and Meta Description. This excludes product listing SEO and additional page/blog page SEO.

Mobile Responsive Design – We aim to design each page, collection, menu and contact point with your ideal client based on how they shop. All themes are designed to be mobile-friendly.

Checkout Configuration Setup – We configure your checkout to match the rest of your website and brand. We do this to ensure that it matches the rest of your website to increase checkout conversions and improve sales. This section is often overlooked and undervalued but is the last place your customer will be prior to purchasing and is vital.

Shipping Configurations– We will discuss your needs, the types of products you ship and where you ship to in the world to create and configure a shipping system that works for you and your customers. An advanced shipping app may be needed and can be discussed.

Payment Configuration – We will help answer your questions about which payment processor makes the most sense for your products. While we highly recommend using Shopify Payments, it doesn’t fit every business and we can help guide you in selecting the best processor for your products. Some products are restricted and cannot use certain processors. Knowing which one to use from the start ensures that your website is not put in jeopardy of being shut down, leaving you struggling to find a new processor while your customers are unable to purchase from your online store.

Optimize Collections – We will help formulate and build collections that make sense to your ideal client. It’s essential to create a strong system for your collections that your ideal client understands, in their own language. If your buyers can’t find your products, find them confusing or too busy, they are unlikely to purchase.

Optimize Navigation – We have a specifically formulated system for creating a strong navigation and menu system for your website. We ensure that your menus make products easy to find, quickly and effectively to improve sales.

1-Hour of 1:1 Video Training Via Zoom -We include training with every website that we build. Why? We want you to understand what has been done to your website and how to do it yourself so that you can manage and maintain it confidently going forward. Additional time can be booked separately. 

What This Package Does Not Include

  • Uploading, Formatting or Optimizing Your Products – If you would like your products to be added by us and optimized 2 options are listed below for you to choose from. Please be sure to triple check which option you would prefer and what is included for both options. please note what is included and the payment model for these so you can calculate how many products you’d like to add and calculate the cost.
    • Non-Optimized Upload Option #1 (Does not include SEO) – To upload your products, format the content to be more easily read (add bullet points, bold, italics, underline) the price is $10 per product.
    • Optimized Upload #2 – Includes Option #1 and additionally researching and optimizing your product listings for Google. The price for this is $19.99 per product.


  • App Installation – If you’d like for us to install and optimize an app, the installation fee is $115 per hour. We will provide you with an estimate based on the scope of the work and what is required. Payment for app work is due PRIOR to work beginning. If there is any unused time, the difference will be refunded after the work has been completed.
  • Custom Coding – If you would like something custom coded for you, we will assess the viability of each request prior to approving the code-change request. The fee for custom coding is $175 per hour. We will provide you with an estimate based on the scope of work and what is required. If there is any unused time, the difference will be refunded after the work has been completed.

If you still have a question, please use our contact form to send us a confidential email with any questions! We’ll be in touch within 2 business days.

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