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TV Channel Creator

A TV in a room is a HUGE presence. Put it to work. Make a custom TV channel. One that updates automatically, and delivers real value POS. We have made the experience ridiculously easy.

How easy is this product to use?  Check out our 2min explainer video, which shows a Cadillac dealership getting up and running by following itself on Instagram, and creating a video playlist from YouTube videos.  We are NOT kidding about this being easy. 

You create your TV channel, then click Save.  A unique URL is generated for your channel.  All you have to do is get that link to a TV and click anywhere to take it full screen.  And then you’re done!  You can also insert the channel right into your website in an iframe.

If you have a computer and 5-10 minutes, you’re good to get started.  Better hurry though.  OnScreen is currently in Beta, and offering the 1st 100 confirmed early adopters a FREE LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION*.  

Ready?  Dive right in here: beta.onscreen.tv

Wanna see more?  Head over to our website to see what other early adopters are doing with the platform:  onscreen.tv

Please reach out with any questions/concerns.  We have a grand vision for this platform, but we want to understand the needs of our customers so we can serve them in the best way possible.  

*Restrictions apply.

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