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Aisha Mo never imagined her grocery business on this scale. She’s moved from in-store sales in Toronto, Ontario to finding new ways to engage her customers by sharing experiences, recipes and products in her online fair-trade and organic grocery store, Aromatic Gardens. Aisha started with little knowledge of building an online store, but her eCommerce Coordinator brought great ideas to help boost the store, turning it into a user-friendly, easy to use store for her visitors. The ShopHERE Program Powered by Google has given Aisha success in bridging the gap between her products and customers. 

After losing her mother to cancer a decade ago, Aisha pivoted to eating more organic and naturally-derived foods. Her first venture was in organic soap and candles with her siblings Jane, Francis, and Fiona. Soon after starting this venture, the siblings realized most of their raw materials for making the product were edible and organic. They thought, if it’s good enough for your skin, then it must be good enough to eat! 

igital Main Street ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate

The business expanded beyond soaps and candles into organic, natural foods and Aromatic Gardens was born. Along with groceries, the online store still sells soaps and candle making supplies. To this day, the siblings work together and closely with Kenyan farmers to bring fair trade and organic foods to their customers.

After the launch of Aromatic Gardens, the online store has gained a lot of exposure. They have received many inquiries, and as a result, increased sales. This team of siblings wants to share their passion for healthy and organic products with a larger audience. They want to prove to their customers the value of true certified organic products. This means helping farmers and growers benefit from their produce while benefiting customers by allowing them to buy their groceries online or in-store and guilt-free.

igital Main Street ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate

Aromatic Gardens ensures that all its products have undergone organic certification and are free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), chemicals, and added preservatives. The store is a member of the Fair Trade Movement, ensuring farmers and producers get fair pricing, better access to markets, and supportive trade policies for their produce and supplies. The siblings work closely with farmers and import most of the supplies from Kenya, where Aisha’s siblings reside. 

They offer both shipping, curbside pickup and in-store shopping at their store on Finch Avenue in Toronto, Ontario. You can shop at your convenience and comfort seven days a week. 

“If other businesses are not using ShopHERE they are in the dark path! They will be missing out on a lot to learn that would be too beneficial for your business.” 

Aisha advises other businesses that COVID-19 does not have to take away your income. With the help of the ShopHERE Program, you can get your products or services to customers in the comfort of your own home. Aisha believes her biggest opportunity is doing sales from home – all she has to do is ship it out. Bringing her business online has taken Aromatic Gardens to the next level. 

If you’re ready to get your hands on some incredible organic groceries, health and beauty supplies, or candle making essentials, then head over to aromaticgardens.ca

If you want your very own free eCommerce store setup for your small business, or know of any other small businesses that could benefit from the ShopHERE Powered by Google Program, you can sign up at this link.

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