SKINCARE SNOB CO: Empowered Women Empower Women

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Sherisse is the owner of Brampton-based skincare company SKINCARE SNOB CO. SKINCARE SNOB CO. is a female-founded wellness and beauty brand offering high-quality beauty tools and skincare devices for women of all ages that are easy to incorporate into existing beauty routines. 

SKINCARE SNOB CO. translates traditional beauty principles into sophisticated beauty appliances. They believe in supporting women through self-care and instilling confidence through the power of beauty. Their hope is to encourage women to take control of their beauty routines one piece of facial equipment at a time. 

The SKINCARE SNOB CO. motto is “empowered women, empowered women.” The skincare brand is exclusively run entirely by women, with the goal of inspiring women and girls to break free from financial, economic, physical, and emotional abuse, poverty, and low self esteem in order to achieve confidence and leadership. 

A portion of each sale at SKINCARE SNOB CO. is donated to the charitable organization Elizabeth Fry Toronto, which offers a My Start-Up Program to support women starting their own business. Through this initiative, their cutting-edge products, and their message, Sherisse and SKINCARE SNOB CO. hope to gradually and steadily change the world.

SKINCARE SNOB CO’s invitation and message to women is to prioritize their self-care routines in order to increase their self-esteem and self-love. Their belief is that having more confident women leads to a better world. The brand encourages women to reconnect with their authentic self, the one free of prior traumas, limiting beliefs, and destructive behaviour. It is founded on the belief that we all have the potential to recognize and achieve our dreams and aspirations. 

“Our products bring natural, economical, and high-quality beauty tools into your home, where you can easily incorporate them into your existing beauty regimen. We're not out to reconfigure your beauty routine; rather, we're here to improve it and tailor it to your individual needs.”

Currently, SKINCARE SNOB CO. offers a warm mist facial beautifier, which helps women destress, relax and unwind while removing pollutants and dead skin cells. It is an all-in-one beautifying device to promote hydration and moisturization for your skin that can be incorporated into any pre-existing beauty routine. Eventually, SKINCARE SNOB CO. hopes to expand their product suite to include natural and organic skincare. 

In order to bring SKINCARE SNOB CO. online, Sherisse applied for the ShopHERE powered by Google program. 

“I feel that by establishing an online store built on Shopify, the ShopHERE initiative will help me future-proof my new eCommerce website by establishing an innovative online experience and opening virtual doors for my small business.”

Sherisse was partnered with an eCommerce Coordinator from the ShopHERE program to assist her in creating a professional eCommerce website as well as teaching her how to market the store online. 

Sherisse  chose Shopify to create the SKINCARE SNOB CO. eCommerce website. She initially found the backend to be a little confusing, but her eCommerce Coordinator was on hand to help her gain new skills. 

“My coordinator was kind, well-prepared, and attentive to my particular needs.” 

Sherisse was especially grateful for her coordinator’s effort getting the online store up and running before launch, as well as the time afforded to her to source the best products for her brand while the initial draft was being built. 

“I'm incredibly happy to be using Shopify to run the business. Operating an eCommerce store is a lot of fun, because there are so many options and it is so simple to set up.” 

ShopHERE helped Sherisse get an online store up and running in a few days with no coding required. She is thankful for the program for offering this service to help small businesses in Ontario. 

To learn more about SKINCARE SNOB CO. be sure to check out their website at

If you’re interested in having your own website built for your small business, you can sign up for the ShopHERE program sur ce site


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