Mississauga Entrepreneur Launches Successful Virtual Services Site

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Alanis Sanchez is a young entrepreneur based in Mississauga who recently launched her online business, VirtuAlanis. VirtuAlanis is a virtual assistance business that provides reliable support to small business owners and creatives with administrative assistance, social media management and content creation. Alanis is passionate and dedicated to helping business owners keep their goals at the forefront of their company so they can focus on providing the best service and product to their customers.

Alanis knew from the moment she entered the workforce at 16 years old that a traditional 9-5 job was not something she could see herself doing. After budget cuts due to the COVID-19 pandemic left her unemployed she was inspired to take time to embark on her own and take her skills to the online world. Alanis’ passion for organization, a deep desire to be her own boss, plus everything she has learned in the past 5 years working in administration and business development are some of the factors that motivated her to start VirtuAlanis.

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As a young entrepreneur, kick-starting your business can often come with obstacles, such as little financial resources. Alanis intended to run her business entirely on social media until she was generating enough money to pay for a website designer. 

Alanis benefited financially through the ShopHERE Program Powered by Google, she also obtained a new skill and learned how to manage her website independently. Having a Shopify website developed for her business gave her a professional appearance, which helped her generate more clients than she had anticipated when she first started. 

“The ShopHERE Program is absolutely incredible! It provides entrepreneurs with the best tools to better their business but also the knowledge and resources to manage and market it after the program ends, all free of charge. For young entrepreneurs like myself, who are just starting out and who have limited resources, this program sets us up for success right from the beginning.”

Alanis found setting up an online store to be a straightforward process. She was guided step-by-step by her Ecommerce Coordinator as all her questions were promptly answered and adjustments to her website were made until she was completely satisfied. Originally, Alanis expected her website to take at least a few months to develop when she registered for the ShopHERE Program, but was surprised to see her website up and running within a week of starting her project. Not long after setting up her online store she received her biggest client yet.

Alanis encourages other businesses to use the ShopHERE Program as entrepreneurship does not always have to be a lonely journey.

“The ShopHERE Program is here to provide you with an immense amount of knowledge and resources. You are also welcomed into a community of like-minded people. With the advancement of technology and growth in the e-commerce industry, it is crucial to have a website and a digital presence because it allows you to match the competition and build trust with your customers.”

Alanis is excited to take on her next challenge in turning her virtual assistance business into an agency. Now that she is online, and creating more leads, there is an opportunity for her to expand with ease and start building a team within the next year.

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Would you like to connect with Alanis to keep on track with your administrative and social media tasks? Book a free consultation today by visiting her website at virtualanis.com!

Interested in getting a free online store set up for you? Learn more about the ShopHERE Program Powered by Google by visiting our website.

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