Here’s What’s Changing Shopping In 2019

by Digital Main Street Digital Main Street   |   February 25, 2019   |   Share this :  

While the internet has done a great job of democratizing the buying process in the last few years — allowing anyone to buy anything from anywhere in the world — the convenience it affords can come at the expense of, well, fun. As anyone who’s spent hours sorting through Amazon reviews knows, shopping can be a real chore.

Once upon a time, however, shopping was an event — a treasure hunt, a physical exploration of the unique and unexpected, and an experience unto itself. The good news is, we’re seeing a return to those retail roots in 2019, powered in large part by the ascendance of the direct-to-consumer revolution. Retailers are increasingly bypassing the middleman, going straight to shoppers with products and experiences that are bolder than any big box store could muster.  

Here’s how progressive retailers are setting the bar for shopping in 2019:

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