Introducing Rogers Infinite 📱

by Digital Main Street Digital Main Street   |   June 18, 2019   |   Share this :  

Importance of Connectivity and Data for Business Owners

Lets face it…we live in an age where we all need to be connected, but none more so than small business owners to make sure they are both as productive as possible, and provide their customers with an optimal experience, no matter what that may be. If you're like us at Digital Main Street – there is a good chance you have gone over your data limits in the past; but there is now a solution in place to prevent that from happening as you continue to run your business in a connected and experiential way!


The End of Data Overage 

Introducing Rogers Infinite – unlimited data plans for infinite possibilities for your business. Whether your team is in or out of the office, your data never stops and you will no longer see overage charges on your bill. Rogers Infinite plans start at $75 for 10GB of max speed data per month, so you can talk and text, email and download all the files you need, worry-free. Once you use your max speed data, your team then has unlimited data at reduced speeds, so they’re still connected through text, basic email, browsing and apps. If you want more max speed data, you can purchase a Speed Pass for $15/3GB. Rogers is proud to offer unlimited data to Canadians across the country, so you can truly make more possible for your business.


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