Meet the winners of the Rogers Small Biz Cloud Contest

by Rogers Rogers   |   June 04, 2017   |   Share this :  

And find out why the cloud matters to them and their business, in their own words

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Choosing digital solutions for your business can be overwhelming, even if you’re tech-savvy. Cloud computing, for instance, offers companies many benefits, but which options are right for your team?

That was the focus of the Rogers Small Biz Cloud Contest. To enter, businesses shared their software challenges. Three winners received prize packs that include a trip to Toronto, a VIP Rogers experience and one-on-one sessions with subject-matter experts at Rogers, Google and Microsoft. The goal: learn how to get the most out of the cloud. Here’s what our winners are hoping to achieve.

Aubrey Mendonça, president of ChemRoutes, a Canadian private drug-discovery technology provider in Edmonton:

“We’ve created Canada’s largest screening compound collection, with 20,000 novel compounds that academics and research institutes can use to fast-track discovery in fields like medicine and agrochemicals. We want to break down individual silos and make our collection available as an open innovation – that’s the future of research. We want to use the cloud as a marketing and revenue-generating tool, to reach academic institutions coast to coast. How can we maximize the cloud to benefit this application? This contest has opened up possibilities. If we can get everything in place with the right partners and leverage the cloud, all we need to do is pull the trigger.”

Daniel Desjardins, co-founder of MERSiŌ, a socially responsible retailer of travel and lifestyle accessories, located in Trois-Pistoles, Quebec:

“My wife and I travel the world looking for artisans and workers’ co-ops to work with. We develop products with them and make sure they receive a fair wage and have good working conditions. We just launched four months ago, so this contest is a great opportunity. We’re looking for cloud-based tools to facilitate day-to-day tasks and communicate with our artisans in Canada and overseas, and with the digital nomads who write for us. We’re all in different time zones, which makes it challenging. We also need tools to communicate with customers. We want to be the type of company that makes it really easy for customers to find out what they need.”

James O’Connor, vice president, partnerships of A&C, a boutique public relations, partnership and sponsorship agency in Toronto:

“We migrated to the cloud a few years ago. We use Microsoft Office 365 – SharePoint, Dynamics 365, OneDrive – but we don’t really use it well. What I hope to get out of this contest is to understand how to use these technologies better. It’s difficult in a small-business environment to get everybody coordinated on how they use the technology tools at their disposal. We need to do better. We’re going to talk to Microsoft, Google and Rogers and say, ‘This is how we’re managing our office. What steps can we take to better use what we’re using, and what else can we learn to help us be more efficient?’”

For a behind the scenes look at the contest experience, check out our video recap:


Rogers Cloud Contest Winners Recap

A behind the scenes look at the VIP Rogers experience and one-on-one sessions with subject-matter experts at Rogers, Google and Microsoft.


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