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🚀Business Booster Social Media Engagement Funnel 🚀

Generate leads, build brand awareness, or launch a product/service using social media.

We generate leads, build brand awareness, or launch a product/service using social media 

Do you own or operate a small/medium-sized business?

Have considered social media to grow your business?

Or have you tried using social media for your business with no results?

If you answered yes to any one of those questions, we can help.

It’s no secret that consumer’s attention is shifting from tradition marketing channels to digital channels, and advertising dollars are following that trend.

Our Social Media Engagement Funnel can help boost your businesses bottom line in 90 days or less. Let us help you transform your business for as little as $1000/month plus advertising spend (We recommend a minimum advertising budget of $300/month for quality results).

Using social media to engage potential customers is no longer an option in today’s business world. It is now an essential part of business that if done correctly can bring tremendous benefits to your business/brand.

Let’s start with a strategy session for your business, we’ll set goals you’d like to achieve using social media, how we can accomplish these using organic content and paid advertising and set key performance indicator’s to monitor to ensure maximum ROI.  

Once we have a direction we can begin to build a business-boosting engagement funnel.

The top of the funnel focuses on high quality content. We’ll create content that shares valuable information, customer experiences, and company culture.

From previous experience, we’ve found that Instagram and Facebook are the two primary platforms to focus on to boost businesses bottom lines. From there we’ll tailor the content to be shared on secondary platforms such as on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

​We’ll ensure each piece of content tailored to the specific platform it’s being shared on and that it aligns with your companies branding.

Once we’ve built a base of content for potential customers to engage with we’ll begin to run paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, as well as word-of-mouth campaigns.

As we collect data we can begin to optimize the campaigns, consistently testing new approaches and increasing spend and effort on what’s working. We call this a feedback loop.

Using the feedback loop we’ll provide your business with weekly reports on our progress towards the set goals and key performance indicators. Let’s CreateViewstogether, build your online presence over time, and capture as much value as possible.

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Included in the Business Booster Social Media Engagement Funnel

​    Organic Content  (Strategy/Management) $1000 Value

  • 2 content creation sessions per month 
(In-person video/photo capture)

  • 12+ posts per month on Primary Platforms (Instagram & Facebook

    • Video’s, Photo’s, and custom infographics​

  • 3+ posts per month on Secondary Platforms (Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn)

    • 1 mid-long form video on Youtube (Improves SEO)

    • 1 written blog post for LinkedIn/Website

    • 1+ tweets per month

  • Daily Instagram/Facebook story posts with Call-to-Actions

  • 1 word-of-mouth campaign per month

    • Contest/Giveaway to create engagement with followers​

  • Maintain each platform to ensure the business page is up to date


    Paid Advertising (Management/Optimization) $1000 value

  • Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn ad campaign management 

    • Daily optimization for campaign goals 

      • Lead Generation (contact collection)

      • Brand Awareness (engagement/views increase)

      • Product/Service launch (boosted post)

      • Deal of the Month/Week (boosted post) 

  • Weekly KPI reports (data & metrics used to optimize campaigns) 


    Support (Strategy/Management/Optimization) $250 value

  • Weekly phone call to ensure KPI’s are being achieved, a discussion on how the business is doing and what can be done do to improve the bottom line

  • Have a mobile communication channel (Text or Slack) for daily discussions

  • Our agency will always be available to consult, mentor, and advise on issues related to social media

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