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Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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Branding Identity Design

EN Creative is a specialty design agency based in Calgary, AB. We focus on designing maps and brands with creativity, precision, and accuracy.

EN Creative has been in the branding business for over a decade. Our unique edge is how we approach a project and our principles for design. 
We create brands with accuracy. We take time to truly understand your company and it’s audience in order to create a brand that is relatable and an accurate reflection of your business. 
We create brands with precision. Accuracy means little if it isn’t precise. Now that the brand is relatable, we need to make it effective in achieving its purpose by aligning every element, color, curve, asset or image to the goal. 
We create brands with creativity. With all of the research and planning in place, we take the data and combine it with our creativity to build a brand that is truly bespoke, unlike any other brand. 

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