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Community Websites

We are the perfect way to drive brand awareness and exposure for your business to a local audience on our award winning community news websites that provides unparalleled coverage of key communities.

Display Advertising – Our advertisers have access to a wide range of solutions to deliver their
marketing messages as well as provide the most hyper-local display
targeting available across both desktop and mobile platforms.

Native Advertising – Ideal for Driving Brand engagement, native ads seamlessly integrate into the form and function of the host environment resulting in higher consumer interaction.

Behaviour Targeting – Metroland brands use cookies to track and target users as they browse the web, leveraging display inventory on over 80% of all .com and .ca North American sites, including Apps. Additional targeting by geography, the behaviour lists are constantly updated to reflect user behaviour and current interests.

Geofencing – Gives brands an opportunity to hyper-target their message by showing ads to users when they are browsing on  their mobile devices.

Video – Bring your campaign to Life! Showcase your products/services in action, providing users with a digital, visual hands on approach.

Rich Media – Make a statement and embed your messaging with this highly engaged media platform.  Off users a quick search window to your real time business location.

Email Marketing –  Allows advertisers to deliver their brand directly to the user’s inbox. An effective way to drive brand exposure and traffic to the advertiser’s site.  Lets you send strategically-timed campaigns to correspond with promotions or events.

Branded Content – We offer a variety of content marketing tools and writing services in order to deliver effective content to drive engagement and branding for our advertising partners.

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