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Customer Focussed Marketing Audit

Basically, I go through all your markeitng and communications and score them to see if they are customer focussed and I grade their emotional impact.

This is a $2000 Audit and Strategy Analysis that will spot weaknesses and shore up your strengths.

If your marketing, sales approach and your website is more about you than them, then you’re average… which is not the way to get people to say ‘that’s who I need to talk to’ during those first few seconds that they see, hear or read any marketing material with your name on it.

From there, how strong is your marketing on an emotional level. Are you connecting with people and speaking to them so they say ‘wow, they get me’?

We’ll have a discussion about who you are, who they are, the problems you solve, and how important it is for your customers, clients or patients is it to have your service, product and/or expertise.

From there, I’ll analyze your communications and provide a report with recommendations you can use to determine your next steps.

The whole idea of this is to take your business up a level. Maybe its plateaued or not going the direction you want it to go, or it’s moving too slow… then your offer and your communications aren’t quite dialed in.

I’ll give you a list of action steps because you recommendations will likely include more than a copy change… we may end up with a new strategy that will open up a new market for you.

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