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Head office located: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Digital Employee Onboarding. Go Paperless. Be 100% Compliant.

When new employees don't feel engaged right out of the gate the chances of them lasting past 30 days falls dramatically.

We take your entire onboarding process online. Accelerating the admin part of the orientation process provides you with more time to get to know our new staff member rather than looking like a banker signing up a new client for a mortgage.

By integrating with third-party systems like payroll and POS, we streamline the process for your managers, employees and HR. This allows you to be compliant with best practices under local employment law requirements.

  • Have a new hire? Make the transition seamless with CloserCollab’s fully digital onboarding process. This means your managers don’t have to worry about a cumbersome paper-based process, so they can focus on the bottom line.
  • Leverage CloserCollab’s TD1, payroll, and e-sign submission processes to ensure your onboarding process is compliant with employment law requirements. Run compliance reports anytime you need them.
  • Access employee files up to 7 years after an employee has left your organization. We protect all files using security measures that exceed industry standards.

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