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Integrated Digital Presence Campaign

A successful digital presence is a lot like a puzzle. The full value is enjoyed when all of the pieces come together. This unique and complete service helps you do exactly that.

By this point, you likely understand that your organization’s digital presence is important. At our shop, we believe it is almost as important as your physical address. But how do you build it in a way that you gain real and tangible value from it? Do you need a website, an e-mail marketing campaign, an app? The truth is that it depends heavily on your vision for your business. Many times we make the mistake of thinking that every organization needs a similar approach to digital presence. At Nikolov, we do not think this is true. We understand your uniqueness and want to turn that into your strength. 

As part of this complete and integrated service, we would first understand what your goal and vision are for your organization. Then, with you as our partner, we will create a game plan for how we can get there. That game plan will include: 

  1. Creating your digital presence by getting you online in all the right places.
  2. Extending your brand by creating a framework for you to connect to your community, and have them build relationships with you that go beyond simply being business-oriented. 
  3. Increase your brand awareness and reputation
  4. Build the appropriate and unique tools, connections, and frameworks that we both agree your organization would benefit from.

What do we hope you take away from all of this? That creating the perfectly integrated digital presence for your organization can happen through our partnership with you. By listening and learning from each other, we believe we can not only inspire one another but also help you reach your goals. At the end of the day, that is the basis of our business.

Give us a call (416.700.8964) or drop us a line for a conversation. We love inspiring conversations, and don’t believe in “consultation fees”.

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