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Marketing Automation Software

The best leads are qualified and ask to be contacted. Envoke improves lead generation ROI with a proven approach that takes the complexity out of automation and shows you what's working.

The marketing automation you need to generate high-quality leads

Envoke takes a different approach to marketing automation software by focusing on high-quality leads. Our self-qualification methodology produces qualified leads who ask to be contacted. And our built-in attribution reports show you exactly how results were achieved.

Gaining permission to communicate with prospects is the first step in establishing trust. Automated consent and subscriptions management functions keep your relationships on solid footing and enable compliance with privacy laws such as CASL and GDPR.

The best, most promising leads are people who request contact – something we call “self-qualified”. Envoke is designed to help marketers place prospects into a manageable set of groups for automated nurturing and encourage prospects to ask to be contacted by a salesperson. Further qualification is collected through key questions and built-in second step-forms.

A key part of closing sales is having qualified leads assigned to the right people. Envoke automatically routes leads to salespeople based on fixed set of rules you define. As important, salespeople are delivered insight into a prospect’s online journey with rich lead alerts. This makes it is easier for a salesperson to understand someone’s needs and interests so they drive conversions.

After a prospect is attracted into the marketing and sales funnel, they need to be nurtured. Using email marketing and automated nurture campaigns, prospects are encouraged to ask to be contacted. Envoke groups people into different categories and possible outcomes so they are nurtured with relevant and appropriate content and messages. When a prospect is treated in the right ways, it improves the chances of them being turned into a customer.

Are you measuring qualified leads or just anonymous conversions? Envoke uses a single script placed on your Website to track initial sources of new prospects and their engagement through your marketing funnel. It delivers insight not provided by Google Analytics such as a clear understanding of identified visitors. As well, our tracking shows you the effectiveness of each stage in the sales process.

Envoke delivers a set of standard reports so digital marketers have a clear understanding of how their programs and campaigns are working. A single marketing attribution database reliably shows every interaction: from first touch to sales. And every report allows you to drill down to your actual contact list to confirm quality and learn more about their behaviour and activity.


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