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Microsoft Excel Made Easy

Microsoft Excel is a powerful piece of software that can help you sort, manipulate and interpret raw data, but many find it fearfully intimidating.

If you’ve ever suspected that you’re just scratching the surface of what Excel can do, or you’ve thought “there must be a faster way to sort these numbers” then this workshop is for you. Full of practical Excel tips for business owners and administrators, Excel Made Easy is Camp Tech’s newest workshop. Microsoft certified instructor Theresa Ramirez will guide you through the fundamentals of the software and introduce best practices for how to create and maintain data in spreadsheets. You’ll explore the most commonly used formulas and functions through hands-on activities, and discover how to set up reports. Finally, you’ll learn how to create Pivot Tables to analyze data effectively. After this workshop, you’ll be much more comfortable working in Excel.


  • high quality instruction by a Microsoft Certified Excel specialist
  • small class size
  • a digital reference guide
  • complimentary coffee and tea
  • a digital social media reference guide
  • goodie bag full of fun Camp Tech swag
  • a chance for you to network with other business owners and marketing professionals
  • official recognition for your participation (that you can share on LinkedIn or your resume)

Note: You must bring your own laptop (Mac or PC are fine) and have Microsoft Excel installed on it.

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