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Head office located: Pointe-claire, Quebec, Canada


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Mobile Marketing For Small Business

Save $150 using this exclusive offer on Digital Main Street and Stay Connected With Your Customers using the Raange Marketing Engagement Platform.

Raange Marketing Engagement Platform is a powerful, cost-effective solution for small businesses to acquire new customers and confidently create campaigns that bring back customers to your physical or digital stores.

Grow Your Subscribers: easily grow and manage a database of loyal customers right from the platform. CASL compliant. 

Get Their Attention: +90% of text messages are opened and read within minutes. The easiest way to stay connected with your customers after they’ve left your store. 

Increase sales: targeted messaging campaigns can increase traffic in store or online. See 25X ROI.

This is the most affordable way to build a powerful mobile marketing machine for your business. No previous mobile experience needed. Our team will help you set up your account and provide you with the tools and formula to grow your revenue from Day 1.

The Package Includes: SMS campaigns, unlimited Text2Register keywords, Click2Register social links, unique text-in number, customer support, self-serve platform, landing pages, enterprise security suite, reporting, message personalization.


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