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Simple website development & enable online ordering.

Develop a simple website for your business, enable online ordering, tracking & notifications.

In these challenging social-distancing times, seeks to help small businesses continue to interact with their employees and their communities. Many entrepreneurs may have goods or services that they can offer, but have a non-existent or limited online presence. 
In the weeks and months ahead, our talented team of website specialists is on hand to quickly create a simple website for your business on your domain, or on our or domains, capable of accepting and processing orders for your goods or services.
We are providing this service FREE of charge, because this is how we can help you support your community during this unprecedented lifetime event. 
This website will remain yours to use for your business even after things return to normal. Should such a time come that you wish to enhance, grow, or customize your business website, our team will be on hand to provide options for that as well.
No team member at ClickDuo will ever pressure you for any payment or reimbursement for the creation and hosting of your websites. 

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