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Swiftscreen: A COVID screening solution for B2C enterprise is a self-attestation and public contact screening for customer-facing businesses. It uses a web-based application that can be setup with a patron to screen and trace customers. is a pilot solution that we currently offer free to interested businesses but plan on monetizing over the fall. Swiftscreen captures the latest pandemic screening guidelines and uses a digital screening widget to ensure that all users are traceable and have completed the screening process before they enter the premises. Swiftscreen ensures that your screening information is stored in health information compliant storage and provides business owners with an easy to use screening tool for customers and custodians. is Predict’s offering for B2C enterprises. It is currently free to use and provides information on COVID self-assessment via web application direct to managers and custodians of the business. This app was designed to reduce the screening and attestation process for business required to gather contact tracing information for all customer and employees on a daily basis. We plan to offer this solution at 30$ per month after a 1-month trial period.

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