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Website Design - Pricing for DIgital Main Street Members!

We'll design a stunning brand-new company website for your business that will attract new customers, streamline your leads process, and represent your company values in the best possible light!

Digital Main Street Members receive 25% off all Web Design services from Keddy & Associates!

All Web Design packages are bundled with managed web hosting services, so you’ll always have a web development expert in your corner!

  • We’ll help you setup your social media accounts (if they aren’t already)
  • We’ll connect your social media accounts to your website
  • We’ll help you setup an email marketing subscriber list (if that’s in your digital strategy)
  • We’ll help you kickstart a blog (if content marketing is in your digital strategy)
  • We’ll optimize your website for search engine visibility (both on-page & off-page SEO)
  • We’ll help you configure an eCommerce solution (if eCommerce is in your digital strategy)
  • We’ll integrate a CRM solution (if a CRM is in your digital strategy)
  • We’ll offer you competitive pricing
  • We’ll offer you 12 or 24 month financing if you need it!

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