Paying Homage to Loved Ones

by Ayesha Siddiqui   |   April 04, 2022   |   Share this:  

Fifi’s Handmade is operated out of Windsor, and is a Canadian online shop that sells handcrafted products. The business is owned by Sarah Abousenna and her art and products are used to pay homage to her mother.

“…my dear mother who taught me everything handmade, sewing, quilting, patchwork, and embroidery.”


Fifi’s Handmade offers a variety of products that are all sourced using local materials and fully designed and created by Sarah. Her designs are all boho and vintage inspired. Each product is made to order and has its own unique aspects. Her products are embroidered, quilted or printed and some items can also be personalized! She sells handmade aprons, tote bags, gift tags, stockings and more! She also accepts requests for custom products and personalizations. 

“Since I was a kid, I was taught that nothing can’t be made at home. That’s why everything that comes out of our shop has its own personality and charm that, you won’t find in mass-produced products! “


That’s what makes small businesses like Fifi’s Handmade so special. Each product is made with true love, attention and care, which you can't find at big box retailers. Fifi’s Handmade offers one unique line of products that are inspired by Sarah’s Egyptian heritage. 

“Ancient Egyptian art is highly symbolic and stunning. Ancient Egypt is one of the most advanced and fascinating ancient civilizations on earth. Egypt holds majestic temples and tombs. Some even still preserve pigments and colours, seven thousand years later.”


When asked about her experience within the ShopHERE Powered by Google program, Sarah says that it was excellent and a very unique opportunity for Canadian small businesses. 


“This program is important for the growth of Canadian small businesses especially after the hardship that some businesses went through during Covid.”


She found the program to be very easy and organized. In this program, Sarah got to work 1 on 1 with an eCommerce Coordinator who helps the small business owners to create and build the website, support with setup and also provides training so that the business owner is comfortable to manage the website and navigate through the platform on their own. Sarah found her eCommerce Coordinator to be very well trained and professional. Her Coordinator made sure the website was perfect and tailored it to Sarah’s business needs. 

The ShopHERE Program also offers two marketing webinars aimed to help you get started on promoting and marketing your website and business. Sarah mentions how the marketing sessions offered within this program will also be really important to her business.

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If you are interested in purchasing some beautiful handcrafted goodies, checkout our Fifi’s Handmade website

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