Modern Abode: Bringing You Authentic Mid-Century Treasures

by Michelle Foster   |   December 07, 2022   |   Share this:  

Owned and operated by Jane Pearson, Modern Abode has been collecting and specializing in mid-century modern decorative arts since 1999. Jane is passionate about bringing her customers the best authentic pieces she can find – you will never find reproductions. Modern Abode will even source and consign special items for you. 

This small business focuses on a mid-century modern style, which is a type of architecture and furniture design created roughly in the 1930s through the mid-1960s. This style is characterized by clean lines, and organic and streamlined forms. Everything from glass and small furniture to metal objects and vintage plastic items can be found at Modern Abode! 

Modern Adobe is a one women operation located just off of the 401 in South-Eastern Ontario, a pleasant drive to major cities in east, Ottawa/Montreal and Toronto in the West. Jane buys, researches, promotes, and lists items on her website and on platforms such as: Instagram, Ebay, and Marketplace. 

Jane sources her modern masterpieces by attending antique auctions, through online searches and thrift shops, and by traveling to Calgary, Alberta once per year to stock up on unique items not found in her local area.  

In years previous, Jane owned and operated a brick-and-mortar location, but decided to move her business online in order to reach more people and broaden her target audience, which she found was a successful business decision.  

When Jane signed up for the ShopHERE powered by Google program she was struggling with her current website platform as the site she had was very large, and was not user-friendly or organized for her customers. Jane felt, 

“The store was built to my satisfaction because I was basically looking for a simplified landing page for my website. […] As a small business I could not afford this additional expense, so this [program at] Digital Main Street was just what I was looking for.” 

Jane says the ShopHERE experience was, 

 “[…] one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was fantastic to get feedback on a one-on-one basis. It was quick consultations to the point and very effective. I love my new website. It is user friendly, organized and I am sure it will benefit my business in the near future. I was not aware of many of the features I am now using on my website, for ex. Instagram selling, Facebook selling all coordinating with my webite. This is amazing!” 

Throughout the ShopHERE Program Jane worked alongside a ShopHERE eCommerce Coordinator.  

“I really enjoyed working with her. We both had the same schedule 9:00 to 5 Monday to Friday and she worked with me on my lunch hours. It was quick and easy. I sent her emails before our meetings to speed up topics I needed help with and she was quick to provide me with additional information. Very pleased.” 

When asked if Jane had any advice for small business owners, she said  

“Keep your chin up! Follow your dreams! Never give up! Even though things will be slow at first, you will be able to show the world who you are and show the amazing products and services you can offer them!” 

To learn more about Modern Abode, browse or browse products please click here. If you enjoyed learning about Jane's experience with the program, and are interested in signing up you can do so by visiting the ShopHERE powered by Google program website by clicking here

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