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by Dimas Chirinos   |   September 12, 2022   |   Share this:  

Bahaa Talis is the owner of ROCKMEDIAtv, a service business based in Oakville, Ontario. As an immigrant to Canada with 12 years of media experience, Bahaa refused to start from zero and instead picked up right where he left off back home. Through research, commitment, and drive, Bahaa created this project, ROCKMEDIAtv, with the purpose of helping small and medium local businesses.  They offer support with marketing, advertising, and boosting your presence on social media through video shoots, photoshoots, or animation.  

With his experience, Bahaa knew the potential his business could offer to new clients. However, to expand his market he needed a new process and way to sell his services. He knew that the best path to take would be digitalization. 

“It adds new businesses to the market.” 

Bahaa understood the advantages of having a strong online presence as it opens the market to new horizons and provides more exposure. He turned to the ShopHERE powered by Google program for help with the creation of an eCommerce website. With this help, Bahaa is able to have a strong, easy-to-navigate, and visually appealing website for his customers. 

“I think this program is an essential part of our success” 


The ShopHERE program connects businesses with an eCommerce Coordinator who works tirelessly to support businesses with their goals of getting online.  When Bahaa shared his thoughts on his eCommerce Coordinator, Tariq, they were very kind. Bahaa said Tariq was a person with a “good ability to communicate”, he was also “solutions-oriented”, and possessed a “sense of initiative.” 

“We were building something unique, and Tariq was very supportive.” 

 This digital transformation has been crucial to making  ROCKMEDIAtv’s services known to a larger audience, and it has also helped expand the capabilities of the business. A section of the ROCKMEDIAtv website is dedicated to offering classes on modeling and acting remotely, something that was not possible before. This whole experience has facilitated the connection between ROCKMEDIAtv and its clients.  It has opened a new way of operating his business never seen before. 

“We are selling online for the first time. We are very busy; we have a good number of clients mostly food and fashion businesses.” 

To learn more about ROCKMEDIAtv click here. If you are interested in the ShopHERE Program powered by Google program and want to find more information, click here

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