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by Michelle Foster   |   November 30, 2022   |   Share this:  

Samantha Jennings is a personal trainer based out of Orleans Ontario who offers in-person and online coaching for strength training and weight management. Whether you are searching for support with losing some stubborn weight, completing your first pull-up, or simply feeling better, Samantha has an option that works for everyone’s individual needs.  

In Samantha’s personal life she is a personal trainer but in her personal time, she is a big nerd who has a passion for powerlifting, video games, and delicious food! In the past, Samantha has participated in obstacle course racing at a competitive level, dabbled in CrossFit, and done kickboxing for both skill and enjoyment. She is a mixed bag and a huge supporter of finding what makes you happy and going after it 100%. 

Samantha’s services include in-person training options for those who want that one-on-one connection. You can spend time getting an effective, program-based workout designed just for you, with optional supplementary workouts for you to complete on your own.  

Ever wanted to have a coach in your pocket? This option is for those who like to get the work done on their own, but want to receive a customized program and guidance from a personal trainer. Someone to answer questions on the spot, or to send videos for feedback. Whether it's workouts and how much to lift or nutrition coaching and what to eat, online coaching is an affordable and convenient way to achieve your goals remotely. 

When Samantha signed up for the ShopHERE powered by Google program she was struggling with her current website and needed a platform where she would be able to make sales and accept payments with credit cards. Samantha felt, 

“… that I didn't know how to set that up and wanted to switch to Shopify but wasn't sure how, and it was a side project for my business so wasn't a top priority. This program made it easy for me to get it done without having to invest hours and hours into rebuilding a site.” 

Samantha says the ShopHERE experience was, 

 “… amazing. I had a website before on WordPress but didn't have the ability to make sales on it. I didn't know how to set that up and wanted to switch to Shopify but wasn't sure how. This program made it easy for me to get it done without having to invest hours and hours into rebuilding a site, and I was able to learn along the way how to edit it and manage it myself – much easier when you have someone to ask!” 

Throughout the ShopHERE Program Samantha worked alongside Abdul, a ShopHERE eCommerce Coordinator.  

“He was very friendly, punctual, answered my emails and was able to make any changes that I needed. He was able to walk me through anything I need more clarification on and I was very happy with his services.” 

When asked if Samantha feels confident with her new platform, she said,

“I feel 5/5 confident in managing my online store. I was able to download a Facebook/Instagram app as well to integrate my products into one cohesive catalogue, so when I add or modify an item on Shopify it automatically makes the changes on the other two platforms. I'm very happy with the outcome.” 

To learn more about Samantha Jennings Fitness, browse her services, or get started with your fitness journey please visit their website here. If you enjoyed learning about Samantha's experience with the program, and are interested in signing up you can do so by visiting the ShopHERE powered by Google program website by clicking here

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