Nail Art Enthusiast Turns Hobby Into A Successful Online Business

by Gloria Gao   |   June 03, 2021   |   Share this:  

With salons closing down across Ontario, manicures seem to be an impossible luxury during COVID-19. Despite these challenges, Jenny Lu decided to pursue her long-term passion for nail art by making manicures more accessible. She created Songbird Nails, an independently owned online nail salon that offers custom designed press-on nails. These nails are handmade, affordable, and the perfect alternative to traditional salon manicures. Together with the ShopHERE Powered By Google Program, Jenny was able to convert her business idea into a beautiful online storefront.

“Songbird Nails came about from a passion for nail art and design. Our goal is to provide an inexpensive but beautiful and long-lasting alternative to a salon manicure, with designs that can often cost you upwards of 50+ at traditional salons.”

Prior to starting her own business, Jenny has worked in the nail salon industry for many years. Through her prior work experience, Jenny developed a growing interest in nail art and manicures. She worked hard to hone her skills in order to turn her passion into a viable business venture: “being able to make money off something that has for the longest time cost me money has been an absolute dream for me.”

Digital Main StreDigital Main Street ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate, Songbird Nailst ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate

Jenny signed up for the ShopHERE program after seeing ads on YouTube, and was absolutely thrilled to have support setting up her online store. Jenny worked closely with her eCommerce Coordinator to design a website that resembles her original vision for Songbird Nails. Jenny was involved in the entire website building process and always eager to learn the different aspects of eCommerce. The end result is a unique, fun, and vibrant website that allows Jenny to ship her products to customers across Canada and the US.

“[The program] fulfilled everything I needed and my ShopHERE Coordinator was always ready to help, and did a lot of the legwork as well! The program is wonderful for the guidance and the resources provided, and I recommend it to anyone trying to grow a small business online.”

Moving forward, Jenny continues to navigate through the eCommerce and digital marketing space by attending online webinars and courses. She realizes that there are lots of challenges in expanding her business and establishing her brand online. However, she is “prepared to tackle [these] head on” and knows that “not letting current troubles discourage her is essential” for success. 

Digital Main Street ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate, Songbird Nails

You can visit Jenny’s online store to check out her gorgeous nail designs at For updates and creative nail content, you can also visit her Instagram @songbirdnails. Please click here for more information on the ShopHERE Program, to see how your business can get a free online store.

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