Staying True To Your Roots

by Sara Reynolds Sara Reynolds   |   October 05, 2020   |   Share this:  

“Be True. Live True. Stay True. We Are True Nutritionals” is the slogan of the new brand True Nutritionals Inc. The business was formed when they noticed a lack of all natural protein products available for sale. Out of this gap they formed the new True Protein cookies, which taste good and are good for you. True Nutritionals began with a desire to offer a protein cookie that tastes like a cookie. One that is a nutritious snack that everyone can enjoy, not just athletes. The three keys to True Nutritionals protein cookies are to always be Delicious, Healthy and Nutritious. 

The owners of True Nutritionals explained that most protein products contain a variety of derivatives and preservatives. Often they contain things like oligofructose and diglycerides which True Nutritionals owner says “are terrible for the body.” These ingredients and others such as glycerin, diglycerides, erythritol cause headaches, stomach aches, nausea and dehydration, and long-term effects that are unknown. When purchasing True Nutritional products, you can be sure that they are made with only natural or organic ingredients.

“It is better to eat all natural products like brown sugar, in moderation, as this is what is meant for our bodies.”

True Nutritionals “True Protein” all natural cookies are made with 12g of protein. This makes them perfect for all athletes and families who want a healthy treat. With this, the new business participated in the ShopHERE Powered By Google Program. They now have a fully functional e-commerce store to sell their delicious all natural protein cookies. The business new digital facet provides a place to sell True Nutritionals products to a wider consumer base.

Digital Main Street ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate, True Nutritionals
Milk and cookies featuring True Nutritionals famous protein cookie.

The owners said the ShopHERE Program was excellent, and has provided a place for customers to buy their organically sourced high protein snacks. This digital transformation now allows for True Nutritionals to showcase their product to a large online community of like-minded consumers and has made the process of buying and selling seamless through Shopify. 

The ShopHERE Program is partnered with Google, Shopify, Mastercard and Microsoft to help build and optimize online stores for small independent businesses and artists. Online stores created through the ShopHERE Program are supported by Shopify. Shopify is a one stop shop e-commerce tool for all of small business needs.

The ShopHERE program is committed to building 50,000 free stores for small businesses, and is providing a quick, easy and no-cost way to get selling online right away! It’s important now more than ever to support local small businesses. If you or someone you know has a small business looking for assistance in building a professional e-commerce website apply for the ShopHERE program now.  Order your protein cookies now from True Nutritionals' new Shopify store.

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