Success Stories

Amidst a growing call for digital transformation accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis, the ShopHERE program has supported businesses and artists across Ontario with their very own online stores. Find some of our graduate success stories below and see how we help participants succeed online. Learn more about the program here.

Finding Balance Through Art

Micah Nelson aims to bring her passion for yoga, art, and health to all her customers through her brand new website.

by Julia Over October 19, 2021
This Online Tea Store Is Looking To Elevate Your Tea Drinking Experience

Based out of Bowmanville, Ontario, The Gourmet Chai House is designed for tea lovers everywhere. With the help of the ShopHERE Program, Cheryl Pereira was able to share her extensive knowledge and passion for tea drinking with the whole world.

by Meena Kanthi October 15, 2021
eLuminate Your Life

Steven Iseman was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and started a new venture being an artist after leaving a career in law. Through the ShopHERE Powered by Google program, Steven’s eCommerce store has brought him unique opportunities.

by Alexis Kelly October 12, 2021
Hairstylist Expands Online Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Emma Rose Bennett’s salon was closed for four months due to COVID-19. Creating hair accessories was her creative outlet and she decided to open her Toronto-based online store, Rose & Rain Accessories, with the assistance of the ShopHERE program.

by Alexis Kelly October 05, 2021
MonikR Helps Wildlife Lovers Bring Nature’s Beauty To Their Home

Monik Robichaud is an Acadian Canadian artist based out of Muskrat Lake, Ontario who paints wildlife to remind people of nature’s beauty. ShopHERE gave Monik an opportunity to sell her acrylic and oil paintings online with a free eCommerce website.

by Alexis Kelly October 01, 2021
Gardening For Food is A Breeze

Garden Breeze Productions was created by Tasha Ford, a passionate gardener and home cook. Tasha established an online presence during the beginning of the pandemic by posting her creations online.

by Michelle Foster September 27, 2021
Serene and Calming Backdrops For Your Home

Krystle Moore is an emerging artist based out of Caledon, Ontario who paints local landscapes, cloudscapes, and florals. ShopHERE has given Krystle the opportunity to share these serene paintings with art collectors around the world.

by Alexis Kelly September 23, 2021
The Soul Painter is in Town

Melissa Jean, owner of Melissa Jean Art, has always exhibited paintings in Kenora, Ontario. Deciding to showcase her art digitally is the most exciting adventure she has ever experienced. She now shares her enchanting artworks with the world.

by Tania Sharmin September 20, 2021
Brownie Connoisseur Shares Passion To Turn Baked Goods Into Art

Self-taught baker from Toronto, Katie Pierre, launches an online store with the help of the ShopHERE Program to share her passion for baking. With her eCommerce store, Katie is able to expand from baking for friends and family to baking for all.

by Brigette Aguilar September 15, 2021

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