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Brand Identity

Whether you are just starting out with an idea or your business is established — your business needs a purpose that can be defined.

We work with businesses to articulate their purpose, find their voice, understand their customers and achieve their goals.

Positioning: Positioning is how you want to define your brand. In short, it is the place you want to occupy in your customer’s minds. We combine your company’s advantages, benefits and goals and articulate that into something actionable to create the foundation for your brand.

User Personas: Who is your ideal customer? Why would they choose you instead of your competition? We help you figure out these answers to these questions by defining and breaking down your target market into user personas (made-up individuals). Sounds silly, but this not only helps us create a more comprehensive brand, but it also helps us gain important insight into your customer’s behaviour and pain points.

Brand Attributes: Where brand positioning is the space you occupy in a customer’s mind, brand attributes are the building blocks on how you get there. We work with you to figure out the qualities that contribute to your brand’s personality and how you can build those qualities into your business.

Competitive Audit: As unique as you are, there will always be someone else out there doing something similar regardless of what type of business you’re in. In order to effectively build your brand, we identify and utilize your competition’s strengths and weaknesses to gain a better understanding of the market. We build out a strategy to define what you should be doing similarly, as well as how you should stand out from the crowd.

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