Histoires à succès

Alors que la crise de la COVID-19 a accéléré le besoin de transformation numérique, le programme AchatsICI a soutenu des entreprises et des artistes de partout en Ontario en les aidant avec leurs propres boutiques en ligne. Lisez ci-dessous certaines des histoires à succès de nos finissants et voyez comment nous aidons les participants à réussir en ligne. En apprendre plus sur le programme ici.

Entrepreneur Uses Human Design Reading To Provide Self-Care Rituals

Muse Self-Care offers items made with unique plant essences blended into beautiful products designed for your well-being. Thanks to the ShopHERE Program, founder Rowan now has an online store to sell her unique products.

par Brigette Aguilar Juillet 23, 2021
Ontario Flowers Bloom Into Cyberspace

Instead of having to manage multiple platforms, Ashlee Smith's brand-new online store consolidates eCommerce tools that integrate consultation scheduling apps, handle floral delivery bookings, and direct customer inquiries straight to her phone.

par Abdullah Idrees Juillet 15, 2021
Online Store Is Giving A New Life To Old Furniture

Tobi Maniacco is giving thrifted and found furniture a new home through her store; Another Look Refinished Furniture. With the help of ShopHERE she was able to get her store online through her new Shopify store.

par Julia Over Juillet 14, 2021
Whitby Artist Empowers Mental Wellness Through DIY Art

Based out of Whitby, Ontario, Carmen Darley is using her new Shopify site to help customers improve their mental wellbeing with hands-on art projects. Owner Carmen is excited to have an online store to reach a wide variety of new customers!

par Alicia Haniford Juin 29, 2021
Furry Friends Rejoice! Healthy Dog Treats Available Across Canada

Dumpling’s Treats was created when Susan and her family struggled to find safe and healthy snacks for their dog Dumpling. With help from the ShopHERE Program, Dumpling’s Treats launched their online store and is widely available across Canada!

par Gloria Gao Juin 24, 2021
Spice Up Your Summer: The Ultimate Culinary Experience in a Jar

James Campbell has always wanted to create his own unique hot sauce, one that will rival all others on the market. That is why he crafted the perfect hot pepper jelly recipe and created his brand, SweetHellOnEarth in Oshawa, Ontario.

par Gloria Gao Juin 22, 2021
Hamilton-Based Entrepreneur Creates Home And Lifestyle Brand

Feature Text: Frustrated by the difficulties of sourcing stylish and high quality products, Krysten Brunski founded Local Accent, a home and lifestyle brand based in Hamilton, ON. Krysten was able to create and manage her online store with ease.

par Gloria Gao Juin 21, 2021
Entrepreneur Utilizes Her Platform To Advocate For Young Women

VeroDee Flair specializes in high-quality, handcrafted items manufactured in Canada. Owner Deann is excited to donate a portion of her sales to Plan International, and is using her new online store to share her message country-wide.

par Brigette Aguilar Juin 14, 2021
Women-Owned Business Supporting Women-Owned Creators

Not only does owner April have a passion for fashion, as a woman and mother herself has always tried to support other women. She wanted to support them as much as she could and decided to combine that with her passion of clothing to start a business.

par Lauren Payne Juin 11, 2021

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