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Content Marketing

We create regular content in the form of web pages, blog posts and press releases, videos, slide decks etc. where relevant. These are published on your website and posted to platforms and social media



Marcus Sheridan’s pool company River Pools suffered greatly from the 2008 recession. He had to be creative if they wanted to save their business and decided to try blogging, and started answering their customers’ questions through their blog posts. Today the River Pools website gets more traffic than any other pool company site in the world, and the company is thriving.

We believe the content is the voice of your strategy. We believe that you have to create content to establish your thought leadership. Every business has a story to tell, and every story has an audience. We will help you tell the story, and find the relevant audience.

The basis for your Content Marketing is a solid Digital Marketing Strategy. Together we define your ideal client, your competition, and how you can differentiate yourself. Then we carry out extensive research online to find the keyword phrases that your ideal clients are using to find your product or service. Based on this list we establish a quarterly or annual Content Calendar with topics for your content.
“In this age of Media Abundance every Business Owner has an Opportunity to deliver a Relevant User Experience at the Right Moment”



Based on the content calendar we can create regular content in the form of web pages, blog posts and press releases, videos, slide decks etc. where relevant. These are published on your website, and posted to relevant online platforms and social media.

Business owners are often hesitant about content marketing. They feel they don’t have the time or the journalistic qualities to write blogs, and often they also simply don’t know what to write about.
Over the years we have found that every business owner has a story to tell, and expertise to share. When we interview them about relevant topics in their industry, then almost without exception we find that they have the knowledge and experience to explain and share insightful stories. We help our clients capture these stories and thoughts and turn them into insightful blogs.

Most businesses also have valuable content readily available which can be used, such as information from training sessions, case studies or whitepapers. Sometimes the data captured in their surveys or CRM systems can be used to create an infographic or a blog. Employees can be interviewed to share their expertise. There is a wealth of information available inside each of our customer’s businesses!

In our Content Marketing service, we help our clients establish a Digital Marketing Strategy, and carry it out as their internal marketing team. We tap into the knowledge and experience of our clients by interviewing them, creating blog posts, press releases, videos, slide decks etc, and publishing these on all relevant online platforms. We also help them uncover the hidden stories they already have. Ultimately, we help them establish thought leadership in their field online.

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