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Drive traffice to your website with Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Search Engine Marketing



Have you ever wondered whether online advertising works? Consider this: Google gets about 97% of its revenue from Google AdWords, and uses it to fund gmail, Google Maps, the self-driving car and the quest to cure cancer. Yes, Online Advertising definitely works! It is the quickest method for driving immediate traffic to your web presence, whether it is your eCommerce website, a landing page, or a Facebook page. PPC is the optimal tool for attracting online visitors that are already searching for the product and services that you offer. It gives you the advantage of exposure to your target audience, while only paying when a visitor actually clicks on your ad.




Here are some advantages of running a PPC campaign:

  • Prime ‘real estate’ – On Google, your ad appears above the organic search results for your selected search terms, so you are guaranteed to be seen.
  • Set your own budget – Your spending is predefined and will not exceed your budget.
  • Adaptive campaigns – Campaigns are adapted based on real-time results and analysis.
  • Highly targeted – Segment your audiences and improve your ROI
  • Competitive research analysis – Analyze keywords, bids and ads of your competitors
  • Reach prospects on the go – Your ads are served on desktops, tablets and smartphones

The first step in setting up a PPC campaign is to get to know your company, define your ideal clients and make you stand out from the competition. We do this in a series of sessions to shape your online marketing strategy. We then implement Google AdWords and/or Facebook advertising campaigns to drive traffic to your website and convert visitors to leads for your business.
Google AdWords is the quickest way to have your website on the first page of the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). We carefully select the keyword phrases based on the number of times that these are used in Google searches, the number of times they are ‘offered’ by competing websites, and the buyer intent expressed. We then draft the ads to ensure the best possible conversion and make sure that the results of the campaign are tracked in detail.

Running a Google AdWords campaign also gives great insight into the needs of your audience. Google does this by giving you the search terms that people have used when they actually arrive on your website. This is very good information to improve the content of your website and address your audience more successfully. It also gives you great ideas for topics to write about and publish as blogs.

Facebook Lead Ads are also a great way to generate traffic to your website and convert them to leads and clients. When using Facebook advertising we will target your ideal clients based on their interests. Facebook allows us to find the right audience for your product and service based on their history on Facebook: the topics they read about, the posts they like, the people they follow, etc.

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