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Simple Facebook Ads Tool | Pandemic Recovery Offer 25% Off

We know how confusing it can be for small business owners to build & launch Facebook or Instagram campaigns. There are too many options to select from, a lack of platform intuitiveness, and a general

The Challenge

  • Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager can be quite difficult to navigate and to use for a non-technical user.
  • There are too many options – different placements, platforms, audiences and campaign types to select from. What do I select?
  • “Good Performance” is hard to determine as there are a lot of metrics and numbers that can be difficult to analyze without professional experience.
  • The ad building process can be extremely time-consuming.
  • There is a risk of spending without realizing what is being bought.
  • Most business owners believe they can never build a campaign without significant training.

The Impact

  • Unable to leverage Facebook ads
  • Competitors pull ahead online
  • Lost revenue

The Solution

  • With 4 easy steps and a super simple interface, AdPuzl makes the ad building process simple and effective: select your goal, build your creative, choose your audience and LAUNCH!
  • AdPuzl’s simple creative builder will help you have your social media ad creative ready in minutes.
  • The audience selection tool removes most of the unnecessary and low performing options while maintaining advanced audience demographic, interest and behavioural targeting.
  • Our smart budget recommendation algorithm helps you to know exactly how much you should be spending – based on your goals and audience.

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