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Website Video Basic Package

Get a short 60-90 second video for your website. Shot on location to show off your business, a video on your home page can boost your SEO, increase engagement, and best of all convert more sales.

The  Website Video Basic Package Includes the following:

Script Consultation

Scripting template with pre-production script feedback to help you perfect your marketing message. 2 Hour Shoot Single camera video shoot at your location including lights, sound and b-roll (product or location shots). Custom Branding Branded with your logo, colors, fonts, etc. Video Thumbnail Thumbnail image perfect for YouTube. Closed Captioning Subtitle text file, perfect for Facebook. Music License Unique music track chosen just for you. Get Your Video Seen We offer an extensive “what’s next” guide on where to post your video and maximise your ROI. Additional Adons Available at an extra cost include script writing, 2 camera shoot, graphic animation, and more.

*Not included are script writing, location fees, talent fees, stock images or video, and travel over 150km. $525 starting fee includes 3hrs of editing only. Multiple rounds of changes may result in additional fees.

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