Toronto-Based Artist Creates Wearable Pieces

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Torontonians enjoy an amazing variety of fine art with everything from galleries to graffiti, but what if they could also wear the prints or get a handbag decorated with an artist’s design? Artfitted is an art-inspired business that draws inspiration from the original artworks of graphic fine-artist Ato Seitu, a trailblazer and a community activist within the Toronto Arts community since the 1970s. Artfitted brings his work to life and can now be found on the online store. 

Digital Main Street ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate, Artfitted

Ayanna Vaughan is the entrepreneur behind the transformation of art pieces into clothing items. When Ato Seitu sought to bring a new dimension to his extensive portfolio of artwork, Ayanna worked on digital art design and subliminal ink printing process to create Artfitted. Through the brand, she hopes to convey brilliant colours and the soul of the Ato Seitu’s paintings. Every artwork represents current trends of urban culture and introduces new paintbrushes and techniques to appeal to ‘the young and young at heart.’

“We have been able to reinvent Seitu’s work by creating a unique brand of designs under the Artfitted label to offer distinctive fashion items and accessories” commented Ayanna. “We encourage customers to embrace art….wear it, use it, frame it!”

Artfitted currently sells four collections such as ‘Eternity’ or ‘Nite Life’ which include scarves, makeup bags and totes. In addition to the accessories, a customer can choose from a variety of fitted tanks, shorts and dresses. The bold prints can decorate your date-night outfit or a cozy night in. All products use Stretch Fabric that contains EcoPoly fiber which is environmentally friendly as it requires less water and energy during manufacturing. 

Digital Main Street ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate, Artfitted

Artfitted already had a website prior to COVID-19, but it lacked the desired aesthetic and user-friendly interface that Ayanna needed to officially launch the business. The ShopHERE Program helped her to revamp the website, something she typically couldn’t achieve without access to web designers.

“Through ShopHERE, I designed the store myself, chose the template and images to create the look I envisioned,” explained Ayanna. “The Program was so beneficial to Artfitted, a small business looking to make a big impact. It allowed us to explore and achieve the desired outcome.”

Ayanna highlighted one of her favourite things about the ShopHERE Program is the control she has over the look of the e-commerce site. “The Program provided an opportunity for me to create a professional looking website; an opportunity I would not have had otherwise. I also have a better understanding of how Shopify functions and can make any changes myself.”

Digital Main Street ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate, Artfitted

Setting up your first eCommerce business and online store is a big task, but Ayanna found it all very encouraging. “The process seemed overwhelming at first, but the Shopify tutorials available for all aspects of the web design process made it completely understandable and easy to digest. The consistent access to the eCommerce Coordinator made all the difference in the world,” she said. 

“[They] assisted me and provided guidance with the Shopify design and backend setup. He was so helpful and available for feedback, advice or a friendly conversation at all the necessary times.” 

Since launching her online store, Ayanna has felt very inspired about reaching the next steps in the entrepreneurial journey. She believes that other small businesses should also sign up: “I’m sure other businesses will experience the same positive outcomes. Businesses should use the program if they are looking to have their company showcased on a platform that offers web diversity.”

If you know an artist or small business that could also benefit from the ShopHERE Program, click here for more details. Make sure to also have a look at Artfitted designs and its multiple fabulous collections. 

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