Serene and Calming Backdrops For Your Home

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Krystle Moore, based out of Caledon, Ontario, is an emerging artist whose work is influenced by historical Canadian landscapes. She paints local landscapes and cloudscapes in oil on canvas, and small florals and landscapes in watercolour on paper. Her studio space is in Alton, Ontario but sometimes she ventures to paint while out in the fields. 

Fields and Flowers Art started in early 2020 after the COVID-19 pandemic began and Krystle realized that there is no better time to pursue your dreams. As an emerging artist, it can be intimidating to put your work into the world, but Krystle is so grateful for the opportunity to share her paintings and honored to have her work in so many beautiful homes already. 

The landscapes are inspired by the hills and fields of the Headwaters region, and focus on mood and a sense of place. Her work aims to create a serene and calming backdrop for your home or personal space. 

Krystle has a background in the arts, with a BA in Visual Arts from York University and a Masters in Art History from Western University. She also worked for some time at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, which is where her interest in historical Canadian landscapes derived from. Due to a chronic illness, Krystle had to take a lengthy hiatus, but is grateful to come back to painting and share her art online.

Krystle is still in the beginning stages of launching her career, but feels a website has given her a dedicated and professional space. The ShopHERE Powered by Google program has allowed Krystle to tackle creating a website on her own, which she otherwise wouldn’t have. 

“As someone who isn’t very ‘tech literate,’ … I would much rather be painting … I still found the process very easy.” 

Her eCommerce Coordinator, Shane, was readily available to help with her questions and Krystle notes how great he was at making recommendations and giving insight into the process of setting up the website. The most difficult part for Krystle was choosing which images and work to associate with the site, but her eCommerce Coordinator was able to assist her. The collaborative process of the ShopHERE Powered by Google program takes some work on the part of both the business owner and the eCommerce Coordinator, but Krystle notes it is such a rewarding process. 

Krystle is fascinated to see art collectors from other countries looking at her paintings. She is grateful to have a dedicated space to sell her work, and not be lost in a sea of other products on a platform where many sellers are in the same place. Her biggest opportunity has been to get support from the ShopHERE Powered by Google program and to have the opportunity for a dedicated shop and site for her work. She is thrilled to meet potential new collectors in this new online space. 

Krystle hopes that her artwork will bring some solace and peace during these stressful times. To visit her website and see her paintings, visit You can also find her work on Instagram.

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