Empowering Young Canadians to Embrace Natural Beauty

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What do you do when the lashes you bought for that special date do not work as expected? You visit Dianne Nguyen’s, Pretty Little Secrets Beauty online store.

When you meet someone for the first time, one of the things people notice first are eyes, lips, nose, brows, and lashes. Pretty Little Secrets Beauty (located on 278 Jane Street, Toronto, ON), was conceived with the vision of not only providing affordable and avant-garde products, but helping people feel good about who they are and how they look. 

“True beauty lies behind a layer of foundation.”

The stigma within the beauty industry is all about “Masking your identity,” covering up who you are rather than embracing it. When Dianne Nguyen entered the world of Mascaras and Lipsticks 20 years ago, the industry was in a “bad place.” with people relying on practices such as plastic surgery and botox to enhance their appearance. Ever since, Diane has worked hard to create a community of embracing people’s own natural beauty.

Caring about our appearance does not have to be seen as vanity but rather self-love. When someone feels gorgeous, it is reflected in whatever they do; work, school, socializing, etc. Nguyen’s vision is to help people who need guidance to find the necessary confidence to go out into the world and say: “I am great just the way I am.”

The majority of products sold on Dianne’s Online Store are manufactured in Toronto, Canada. Supporting local entrepreneurs is important for her, that is why she has chosen to source big part of her inventory in the country that saw her flourish into what she has become today. 

Pretty Little Secrets Beauty has a wide range of products, including Brow Kits, Professional Tweezers, Cleaning Wipes, Under Eye Masks and all things brow. All the necessary tools to enhance what you already have, beauty. There is also a studio where you can book an appointment (ici) and they will take care of everything so you can have a brow-tiful day. 

What makes them unique is that Pretty Little Secrets is an award-winning beauty bar. They have been named Toronto’s Top Lash Bar, Ontario’s Best Brow Bar and Canada’s Top Salon (Winning these awards is the equivalent of winning a Grammy in the beauty industry). They have also been featured on The Marilyn Denis Show. It is safe to say that they have no shortage of credentials and with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, and the list is sure to continue.

“ShopHERE was an amazing resource that taught me a lot about the value of digital marketing and eCommerce.”

Getting online for Dianne has been an interesting journey, one that started in the midst of a pandemic that forced her (like many other brick and mortar businesses) to close their beloved studio for months. At first, she tried doing it on her own, then she hired a freelancer to get her online but as they say, third time's the charm. The ShopHERE powered by Google program was able to help successfully transform and guide her through the process of not just getting her a fully functional website but also teaching her about the virtual world of eCommerce. Impacted by the power of eCommerce, Dianne enrolled in the University of Toronto to study Digital Marketing and, at the moment of publishing this article, she is months away from receiving her diploma.

“I want to inspire people and empower them to be stronger and independent.”

Dianne is living proof that the sky's the limit. As a self-made successful businesswoman in such a fierce and evolving industry, Diane has made a name for herself in the beauty industry. And because of it, she wants to become a role model for everyone who has a dream of their own. She offers classes teaching beauty techniques so others can open their own salons.

Interested in becoming an online success? Sign up for the ShopHERE Program ici and we will guide you through the exciting world of eCommerce and set you up for success in less than 6 weeks.

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