A Spiffy New Way to Boost Alcohol Sales and Improve Restaurant Guest Experience

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When we visit restaurants, there are more wine, spirit, and craft beer options than ever before. You won’t hear complaints from the growing number of craft connoisseurs, but it can make it difficult for restaurant operators to keep their whole team up to speed. The good news? There’s an app for that…

Spiffy boosts alcohol sales and improves guests experience by educating servers and bartenders on beer, wine, and spirits. Understanding that product knowledge is key to an exceptional guest experience, restaurants have looked to Spiffy to deliver content in a manner that is more likely to be absorbed by a millennial workforce: Short bursts of video and quick quizzes.




Spiffy modules contain a short video and quiz, and reporting to track team progress.


In their Quick Tips series, Spiffy works with industry experts to deliver videos on topics such as the difference between an ale and a lager, pairings for a merlot, or the importance of clean glassware. For further education on the beverage side of the menu, Spiffy partners with alcohol brands to efficiently deliver product-specific information to the servers who represent their brands on-premises. The brand also has the option to reward servers for completing training on the app, which is one more reason to keep their products top-of-mind.

Sean Seymour, GM of Grace O’Malley’s in Toronto, loves that the app delivers content from multiple sources; “As we expand our tap list, more and more people come through our doors to try something new. If we can make a good recommendation, we’re well on our way to delivering a great guest experience. It’s nice to know that if we hire a new server, they don’t need to wait until the next tasting or training seminar to be up-to-speed!”

On top of Spiffy’s Quick Tips, which it’s offering at no charge during their Toronto launch, Restaurants can also access Spiffy Pro to load their own custom content for menu updates and procedural changes.

“Everybody wins,” said Spiffy founder, Chris Snoyer. ”Restaurants can modernize their training efforts without massive setup fees, Alcohol brands can support all of their accounts without a gigantic sales force, and staff can boost tips while spending less time in Sunday morning training seminars.”

To try out the training platform, you can sign up here. For more information or to feature your brand on Spiffy, contact the Spiffy team at www.withspiffy.com/restaurants

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