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Exploring New Ways To Get Found With Travelling Timbers

par Andrew Bonk   |   7 novembre 2023   |   Partager :  

"If you want to increase your online footprint, be seen online, and grow your business, then the DEP is for you. The tools and resources that they provide will help new, and established companies succeed in the digital world." 

- Jared Franklin | Travelling Timbers

Meet Jared Franklin, one of the founders behind Travelling Timbers located in Slave Lake, Alberta. Located a few hours outside of Edmonton, Travelling Timbers creates a great weekend escape for those looking to get out into nature and take a break from the busy city life. When asked about the mission of his business, Jared shared,

“We strive to provide an unforgettable camping experience that is clean, comfortable, hassle-free and allows our customers to get outdoors and enjoy the vast beauty of the Boreal Forest, with an emphasis on Eco-Tourism.” 


What makes Travelling Timbers truly special is its commitment to making the outdoor experience uniquely yours. They deliver their mobile cabins to beautiful locations, which they say “[allow] you to see familiar areas in new ways”. Whether you're an angler seeking adventure in pristine fishing areas, an explorer looking to immerse yourself in captivating group campsites, a trail enthusiast eager to traverse the vast boreal forest, or a passionate hunter in pursuit of wild game, Travelling Timbers has you covered. You can choose from a long list of outdoor paradises or pick your destination, and Travelling Timbers does the rest. Camping has never been easier; your adventure can be as personalized as you want, and the team at Travelling Timbers will deliver the cabin to your desired adventure or relaxation destination.  


Jared and his team had a great business and product but knew they had room for improvement when it came to their online presence and their ability to be found by new customers. Understanding this, Travelling Timbers decided to participate in the Digital Economy Program (DEP), a program designed to empower small businesses across Alberta with digital technology to help stay competitive. Their DEP journey started with a thorough online assessment with their dedicated Digital Service Squad member to help them understand their current digital footprint. By working with an advisor, they were able to discover that they needed support improving some key content on their website, Google Business Profile, and social media channels to help get found. The DEP covered key areas of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), ensuring their site was abiding by best practices like using relevant keywords, which enables customers to find them more easily. This also included making improvements to Travelling Timbers’ Google Business Profile to ensure that it has all relevant and up-to-date information about the business; that way, customers are more easily able to find out more about the business online. After the support from the DEP, Jared shared,

“We have seen a marked uptick in the online traffic to our website, and a strong increase in our social media following, as well as an increase in website visitors through our social media accounts.”

Their journey was supported by Fatima, their dedicated Digital Service Squad (DSS) member from Community Futures Lesser Slave Lake. In reflecting on the support through DEP, Jared said, “Our DSS Fatima has been incredibly helpful. She listened to the needs of [our] company and provided updated feedback of our online presence. She and the DEP have been very supportive in ensuring we have all the tools we need to continue to provide a great service in the Slave Lake Region.”  

Jared offers this advice to other business owners looking to join the program, saying,

“If you want to increase your online footprint, be seen online, and grow your business, then the DEP is for you. The tools and resources that they provide will help new, and established companies succeed in the digital world.” 


If you're looking for your next weekend retreat or camping adventure, be sure to check out Travelling Timbers at 

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