Reid’s Pharmacy Case Study: Transforming Virtual Healthcare

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Reid's Pharmacy is a rurally located brick-and-mortar pharmacy whose objective is to expand its health, wellness, and fitness services virtually through its affiliation with their online platform Synergi Health. 


A multidisciplinary and integrated care group, Synergi Health will serve as the primary care provider for Reid's Pharmacy with a telehealth platform, AccessCare, and virtual pharmacy platform, FulFill Rx.


AccessCare, their online walk-in clinic, allows patients to immediately book virtual appointments and grants them individual contact with the best primary care providers. FulFill Rx, their e-prescribing pharmacy dispensing platform, provides the opportunity to renew, refill, and deliver necessary prescriptions online. 


Both Synergi Health and Reid's Pharmacy boast technology to improve healthcare access and trust that such innovations will enhance patient, client, and customer experience. To ease his transition into virtual healthcare, founder Justin Reid applied for the Future Proof program and worked with a Transformation Team to execute his goals.


Reid proposed several new ideas for his web platforms and emphasized platform integration, development, and delivery. The Transformation Team addressed his concepts in a scope of work that included wireframes, web copy, and social media and branding strategies to help build his online presence.


First, the digital marketing team provided a social media plan that included hashtag research to optimize each social post, branded social media templates, and additional guides to better understand social media and search engine optimization insights. Their efforts suggested that a prominent social media presence will achieve wider reachability and thus improved healthcare access for all patients, clients, and customers.


The graphic design team offered similar resources that included a branding system highlighting Reid's vision and company values, plus a style guide with ideas such as logos, typography, brand colours, and more. In addition to having an easily identifiable web presence, enhancing his current visual aesthetic via their branding system and style guide is crucial in maintaining overall brand consistency.


Next, the copywriter conducted keyword research and worked to incorporate high-volume terms in Reid's existing web copy and new blog posts. Further, she provided a list of user-friendly blog templates for him to implement across his web platforms. Following search engine optimization guidelines and introducing a blog page are sure methods to maximize web traffic.


Finally, the web design team sought to develop a system capable of confidential virtual care delivery. These efforts included wireframes for Reid's virtual pharmacy, a telehealth function for prescriptions and health assessments, and a remote ordering and delivery function. As well, they added media content to increase his website's visual appeal and offered other suggestions to improve user experience.


Reid praised the Transformation Team’s hardworking efforts and highlighted their respective talents, noting that the “developers, marketing, and creative content specialists were amazing, informative, and kind to work with.” He appreciated their insight with expanding to virtual healthcare and allowed them creative freedom because of it, making this a seamless project for all involved. 


The team’s contributions provided countless new material for Reid’s Pharmacy that was so well-received that Reid reapplied for the program soon after. He cited the program as “extremely helpful” and credited it for “[setting] up the framework for [the] next steps of [his] online transformation.” According to him, “any entrepreneur looking to move their business online will require this type of support,” concluding that the Future Proof program is “a necessity for the future.”


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