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Spreading The Love For A Sandwich Staple - Growing Online With PB & J YYC

par Andrew Bonk   |   4 juillet 2023   |   Partager :  

Today, we are featuring Aws Abdullatif, owner of PB and J YYC, located in Calgary, Alberta. PB and J YYC is a haven for peanut butter and jam enthusiasts, offering freshly ground nut butters and delicious panini grilled sandwiches. Recently, PB and J YYC expanded their offerings to include meats, cheeses, and delicious chocolate treats.

Aws joined the Digital Economy Program (DEP) to find ways to boost his digital presence for his business PB & J YYC. With a mission to provide a healthier choice for nut butter lovers, PB and J YYC ensures their products are free from additives, salt, sugar, oils, preservatives, or fillers. To cater to the Calgary market, Aws has created a unique menu featuring their freshly ground nut butters combined with other delicious ingredients such as cashew and chocolate hazelnut. By leveraging the support of the DEP and their dedicated Digital Service Squad (DSS), Aws revamped his social media strategy to attract new customers and boost engagement. Aws explains his motivation for joining the program, saying he wanted to “freshen our strategy in social media as a way to bring in new customers and increase sales.”  The support provided through the program helped him gain a deeper understanding of Google Ads, keyword research, social media boosting, and budget optimization.

Reflecting on his experience with the DEP program, Aws shared “It opened our eyes to a new perspective on the ads we were creating. We didn't think that a small change in our posts can lead to such a great improvement in our social media.”

Working closely with his Digital Service Squad (DSS) member Zach, Aws was able to make significant progress in his digital marketing efforts. The DSS member played a crucial role in fine-tuning their advertising campaigns and making impactful changes to their social media posts. One of the most valuable aspects of the support received from the DEP program for Aws was in social media platforms, Google Ads, keywords, and Google Business. By joining the program and working with a knowledgeable squad member, Aws was able to understand better what each platform offered and how they could support the growth of his business. Looking ahead, Aws is optimistic about the impact of the DEP program on PB and J YYC's business. They have already witnessed an increase in social media engagement, with some posts receiving up to 119 likes.

He expresses his satisfaction, saying, “I enjoyed working with our DSS member. He was very informative and patient. He explained all the details very well and had a ton of knowledge.”

The Digital Economy Program has played a vital role in PB and J YYC's journey to revamp their social media profiles and improve their online strategy to connect with their audience. With newfound knowledge and expertise in digital marketing strategies, Aws and his team are excited about the possibilities. As they expand their online presence and continue to offer great products through their website, PB and J YYC is poised to continue spreading joy and delicious flavours throughout Calgary and beyond.

To learn more about PB & J and how Aws is serving the Calgary community, visit their website sur ce site.

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