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Steppingstones of E-Commerce: Part 1 – Expanding into E-Commerce

Date / Heure
Jeudi 15 juin 2023
Jeudi 15 juin 2023
11 h 30 - 12 h 30
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Webinar - Online
Toronto, ON, Canada

Explore how to maximize your online presence by leveraging an e-commerce solution. Get e-commerce ready with Digital Main Street!

In an evolving digital world, e-commerce dependency is prominent and driving growth for small businesses. The series, Steppingstones of E-Commerce breaks down the state of the industry and explores how to maximize your online presence by leveraging an e-commerce solution.


Part 1 – Expanding into E-Commerce will cover the importance of the modern e-commerce landscape, establishing your digital hub, and how to get e-commerce ready as Digital Main Street supports your small businesses journey.  


What will you gain insight into?  

  • The value and evolution modern e-commerce  
  • The importance of having a digital presence  
  • How small businesses can and should maximize their digital presence  
  • How to establish your digital hub  
  • How to get e-commerce ready  
  • How Digital Main Street programs can support   


Registration Steps:

To register for this free webinar;  

  1. Click here or click the BOOK NOW button above.  
  2. Register through Eventbrite (if you have an Eventbrite account, please use the email address associated with that account).  
    • If you have not yet made an Eventbrite account, you will be prompted to do so.  
  3. Access the Zoom meeting link from the Eventbrite online event page.  


Digital Main Street is supported by:


Programs are currently open to small businesses across Canada. Eligibility and sign-up information can be found on our website at 

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